Directions for use

CreteBeater breaks down the bond of cement, making concrete layers bubble up and release from the surface. CreteBeater is most effective when applied as a foam.

Mixing it
Mix the concentratet CreteBeater with water.  For power solution (heavy encrustation) mix 2 part CreteBeater with 1 part water.  For basic solution (maintenance and general cleaning) mix 1 part CreteBeater with 1 parts water.

Applying Concrete Remover
CreteBeater is best applied as a foam by using a pressurised foam sprayer.  Cover the area with a thick layer of foam and let it stand for 20-45 min.  Clean off with a pressure washer or with water and a stiff brush.  In severe cases the cleaning process may need to be repeated.

General Usage
Apply CreteBeater with the foam sprayer and let it stand for 20 to 45 minutes.  Once encrustation has become paste like, remove with pressure washer or stiff brush and water.

For heavy encrustation use power solution (2:1), for daily washing you can use basic solution (1:1).

Heavy build-up may require several applications. Use brush and water or pressure washer between each application.

Forms and Parts
Pour CreteBeater into a soaking tank and immerse forms and parts and leave overnight. Remove and rinse with water.