Welcome to Addax International Ltd.

Addax International Ltd. is a company based in the
United Kingdom, trading in non-toxic chemicals and
parts for the trailer industry.

Concrete Remover ® is used to maintain and clean cement and concrete equipment and is marketed in Europe and Asia.

Our fire-retardant Burnblock® is used in the textile industry and in
the theatre and stage industry.

Both chemicals are fully bio-degradable, non-toxic and safe for both user and the environment. 

Apart from our non-toxic chemicals we also supply parts for the
trailer industry and our Trailerline® Safety Ramps in aluminium. Please view our webpage for product updates. 

Our aim with all our products is to be committed to and comply with
the highest environmental and safety standards within the industry.

If you have any questions or comments we would like to hear from you.  
Please send an email to: info@addax-international.com